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About Us

The Meaning of Reuell

Reuel means "friend of God" our brand was named by the founder however, due to brand registration issues another "L" was added in the end. Below is the definition from Wikipedia. 

Reuel or Raguel (Hebrew: רְעוּאֵל, Modern Re'u'el, Tiberian Rəʻûʼēl ; "Friend of El") meaning "friend of God" or "one who is intimate with God",[1] is a Hebrew name associated with several Biblical and/or religious figures. 


Our Company

Founded in 2010 Reuell is a family owned company located in Seattle, Washington. Our goal is to design daily wear contemporary jewelry for everyone. Our pieces are exclusively designed and curated by our in-house designers and we also have our signature collection exclusively designed by our creative director Sabrina Kim. We work with diverse communities from all around the globe. We hope our pieces deliver double the joy and blessing to each and be part of everyone's happiest moments of their lives.


Our Creative Director

Sabrina Kim, our creative director was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in numerous cities across Indonesia. She went back to Korea for college and studied metal arts and design at Hongik University, one of South Korea's top ranked art school. There, she fell in love with jewelry design and until this day her passion is what brings her success. She has also won numerous international jewelry design awards. She is an adventurer and a serious traveler. She even met the love of her life while travelling. Her inspiration for jewelry comes from all over the world. 


Giving Back

One of the main purpose of launching Reuell was to be able to help and provide to communities with needs. Bigger issues tend to get more help and noticed more than small local issues that are equally critical. We will be giving a portion of our profit to different local non-profit organizations, communities, churches, ministries etc. and help as much as we can. So we sincerely thank our customers, who are actually the ones that make this giving possible in first place.